We are already inside Web 3 and that’s why we made our own NFT’s collection. One for every client. It’s better to catch them before their value go up and cost two million euros. Friendly advice.

As one of the first, if not the first, Web3 Marketing Agency in Portugal, BYD has vast experience in defining and implementing strategies for the approach of brands and companies to this new universe.

What is Web3?

By Web3 we mean the whole new decentralised universe that allows people and brands, through certain tools, access to new spaces and concepts, based on blockchain technology.

Are Crypto, NTFs and Metaverse part of Web3?

Yes! All these concepts use blockchain technology to add value to traditional ideas such as collecting, community, gaming, virtual worlds or even identity itself.

How can BYD help me join Web3?

As a Marketing Web3 Agency, we start by analysing our clients and studying which possible tools or Web3 platforms may add value to communication and, in some cases, to the business model itself.

Then, we define which approach should be adopted and which specific initiatives should be implemented in the short, medium and long term. Some examples:

  • Creative conception and launch of NFT collections
  • Development of Smart Contracts for NFTs
  • Organisation of Corporate Events in the Metaverse
  • Negotiation and Purchase of Plots in the Metaverse
  • Development of Spaces and Company Presence in the Metaverse

Could you give me an example of an NFT collection?

Sure! We’ve already got one foot in Web3 so we’ve made our very own collection of NFTs. One for every client. BYD Genesis is a collection of exclusive Boost Your Digital 360 NFTs – unique digital collectibles that live on the Ethereum blockchain.