50% growth in blog visits in the first few months.

the challenge

We were approached by Teva with the challenge of reinforcing the reputation of Teva’s brand in the market, creating greater proximity to stakeholders, working on educational content related to key therapeutic areas and boosting business development.

the result

In the first few months of the defined strategy’s implementation, social media followers increased by 25% every month, the posts’ reach increased by 30% and professional engagement (Linkedin) increased by 7%.

We also achieved, in these initial months, a 50% increase in blog visits.

Since 2019, Teva has increased Facebook page likes by 832% and generated 22% more posts reach. On LinkedIn, followers increased by 371% and interactions by 193%. We increased 99% of blog visits.

The strategy developed focused essentially on initiating and improving Teva Portugal’s presence on digital channels with the goal  of creating a greater relationship with health professionals, patients and the general community in Portugal.

We also developed a content portal that aggregates the different therapeutic areas of Teva, promoting interaction between all stakeholders in the health sector in two specific portals: one for the general public, and another for doctors and pharmacists, with professional content in a reserved area.

the results

on Facebook


on Linkedin

followers on Linkedin

on the Blog

blog visits

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