We have gained 6465 followers in 15 months

The challenge

In 2021 we were challenged by Tetley to develop their social media presence, ensuring a new way of communicating the brand and strengthening their market position.

The strategy

The Tetley strategy was based on the pillars of the communication of the brand: product, nutrition, recipes, health and well-being.

Tetley, more than just a tea brand, aims to create moments in people’s lives. As such, its communication must be focussed on inspirational and relatable content, which motivates the community to seek well-being on a daily basis.

In order to achieve this, we reformulated the Tetley image on social media, making it lighter and cleaner. We created unique content through the production of original photographs and videos, responsible for a large part of interactions with the brand.

In addition to the focus on Instagram and Facebook, we ventured into the world of Spotify, with the creation of playlists thought up for different moments, creating a specific campaign to promote the launch of the new PodcastInspira-Tea – with great results.

Allied with a strong and consistent content strategy, is an impressive digital performance strategy, in which it was vital to adapt the investment objective to the type of content. We worked with paid media in a balanced way, optimising different metrics such as reach and engagement, achieving lower than average costs.

The result

A little over a year later, we are very satisfied with the results: not only on a quantitative level, but also qualitative. In addition to having grown the Tetley community considerably on social media – +6188 followers on IG, + 3520 fans on FB  – sabemos também que se trata de uma a loyal community that interacts with content, sharing the interests that the brand defends and presents amongst fellow members.Overall, we have reached 3 million people and have generated 36,004 interactions at a cost of €0.025.

followers on IG
people reached
video views at a cost of €0.007
interactions at a cost of €0.025
followers on the podcast Inpira-Tea
plays on the podcast Inspira-Tea

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