Skin to Skin:

skin health in its most digital connection

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What is it?

Skin to Skin arose, as a project, in association with the Online Active Cosmetic Academy (L’Oréal Portugal platform, managed by Boost Your Digital), with the aim of forming a closer relationship with specialists in the area, through the distribution of information on skin health and its diverse components, whilst also reaching a new audience.

Through the social media of Instagram, Spotify and Youtube, with skin specialists Liliana Rosa and Sara Valente playing a leading role, we seek to bring pharmacists closer to the end consumer, through the sharing of informative, educational and inspirational content that introduces followers to the universe of the brands La Roche-Posay, Vichy, CeraVe and SkinCeuticals.

The challenges

• Achieve results without advertising investment
• Increase recognition and engagement
• Communicate to the medical target, reaching a wider audience
• Create coherent brand entity
• Reduce the dependence on Active Cosmetic Platform, without losing its essence
• Manage partnerships with influencers
• Promote a sense of community


Specialists in dermocosmetics, through communication of the product and the creation of relationships with pharmacists.


Pharmacies, in the posting of more clinical and medical content.


Portugueses, directed towards those who seek more information on health and advice.

with Instagram content, we focused on:

• Increasing recognition
(followers, posts, views and references)

Through educational content, with practical components aimed at the target; partnerships with influencers and reposts from followers with brand tags.

• Increasing engagement
(interaction with stories, likes and comments, shares and saves)

Through the creation of competitions and the celebration of commemorative days; the sharing of favourites and new product launches; lives with renowned guests, in a hybrid connection between medical knowledge and media influence.

platforms and formats

Skin to Skin is present on Instagram, Spotify and Youtube in the formats: photography, illustration (post and story), gif, video and audio.



• Visual, minimalist language, with duality on colour systems and content (as with Skin to Skin, communication is step by step, side by side and day to day)
• The harmonious cadence of posts and stories to avoid being too incisive in followers’ feeds
• Reposts and stories of followers tagging skintoskin.ca
• Quick response and strong community involvement
• Partnerships with influencers (micro and macro)


• Podcast with conversations guided by skin advisers and guest appearances
• Topics related to skincare, ageing, hair problems, food, health, self-esteem, myths, ingredients, among others
• Over 15 episodes available


• The Podcast is available in video format through Webcast Skin to Skin Talks where information, tips and suggestions for skin and hair care are discussed every fortnight;
• Special appearances on every episode, which creates an external connection and sharing on other networks.

the results

on instagram

since November 2020, the brand has seen an increase of 206%, fully organic, with 4300 followers currently. Stories reach over 900 users; Reels have around 1300 views and Engagement per post can generate more than 120 likes and comments.

on Spotify

15 episodes have been posted, with over 200 followers and around 500 listeners.

on Youtube

is the new social network, on which 12 podcasts will be posted in video format.


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